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International Man Of Misery

I’ve been known to make weird shit into chocolate. I’ve been known to make shit into chocolate. I am The Vulgar Chocolatier. This is my dumping ground of all the weird and wonderful things I call inventions, knowledge and general bullshit.

I like chocolate, I like making shit, I like food. Have a butchers through my site, see what you think. My spelling is terrible and my grammar is worse so get used to that.

Not everything will be about chocolate, but most will. I give away my moulds to people who want to make this weird and wonderful shit at home. Sometimes my website is slow because I learnt how to make it from YouTube and skipped most of the tutorials.

If you like my site, you’ll love my other business. Send your mates a box of chocolate shit anywhere in the world. 100% anonymously. Click the pic to learn more about that. You’ll notice both websites are practically identical. I plagiarize my own bloody work. anonymously send anyone in the world a box of chocolate poop emoji poops

If you’re still reading this then sign up to my mailing list for a chance to win a mould I’ve made for a project. You will be entered into a weekly draw and the winner will get the mould for free. Once signed up you’ll be entered weekly into the draw as well as being fortunate enough to get the odd email for me letting you know I’ve made something new. If you don’t sign up I won’t hold it against you, but I’ll be disappointed with you.

Love you.

The Vulgar Chocolatier ♥

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